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Welcome to CQ Race Mowers

"Australia's Ultimate One Stop Ride-On-Racing Mower Shop" 


We carry an extensive range of Parts and Accessories for Ride-On-Racing mowers ranging from Rear Axle kits, Sprockets and Gearboxes to Front Steering and Axle kits through to Wheel Rims, Racing Tyres, Sprockets, Bearings, Lanyard Kill Switches and Engines. You name it, we either carry it in stock or have fast access to it. As we also build and Repair Racing Mowers ourselves, we know what items are required to build your Ultimate Dream machine. Our advice is free and we can help and advise you on all aspects of building your racing mower.

Most items are usually carried in stock, but always contact us for availability and the latest prices as stock moves fast and the US and Canadian exchange rates vary by the day based on when we order and pay for stock orders.

Please Note:

Most of our parts are imported from America and Canada and are all Imperial. The fluctuating Aus to US exchange rates plus the cost of shipping to Australia usually more than doubles and sometimes trebles the American web-site prices, so please don't try and compare what you could buy it from overseas web-sites with our landed and In-Stock prices. We work on very small margins and run this business to ensure we always have the parts required in stock to build the Racing Mowers we sell and also to help all you racers out there to source all your parts and accessories from a "One Stop Shop here in Australia at the best prices" without all the hastles and problems of sourcing, importing and waiting ages for shipments from overseas.

Our web-site lists all products as "In Stock", "On It's Way", "On Back Order" or "Special Order" so you know exactly what you can walk in and buy (or get Express Posted the next day) and what you need to Special Order. That's one of the biggest problems we found when we first started buying from overseas web-sites and distributors, was that they don't always carry stock and you end up waiting ages for them to buy the goods in and ship them, so you generally end up with frustrating long delays on many items. 

We are now the Australian distributors for many Ride-On-Racing Mower components and buy direct from the manufacturers. We also manufacture some components in house and endeaver to carry all required and popular parts in stock ready for immediate delivery at roughly the same prices or less than what you could buy them from overseas, but without all the  hastles and the long delays.

We now also import and stock Outlaw Performance parts and are agents for ARC Racing and Pecision Cams to mention just a few and stock Upgraded Valve Springs, Pushrod & Retainer Kits, Precision Cams, ARC Billet Flywheels, Heavy Duty starters, Billet Con Rods, Modified and Ported Cylinder Heads, Modified Adjustable Big Bore Race Carby's plus many more race goodies.

We Build and race Ride-On-Mowers and we test and race prove most the products we stock and sell. We also only buy from reputable and known Dealers who supply components to the American and Canadian Champions who now dominate the world's Mower Racing scene. If it doesn't work, we won't put it on our website and won't sell it, so you can be confident that you are buying the best possible products available worldwide !

Please keep in mind, that all original manufacturers parts carry a limited 12 months warranty as 'Fit For Purpose" ie engines are designed for mowing lawns and running @ 3600 RPM, but we disconnect the governors and run them at over 5000 RPM, so NO WARRANTY. This also applies to R/Angled gearboxes plus many other non-race components.

Most race product manufacturers give a limited warranty, but as they have no control over the use of the end product and the skills and qualifications of the person fitting the item, warranty is often a questionable option, so please keep this in mind when you purchase an item. It's never been an issue in the past as most people know the situation. I'm just trying to be upfront and honest with everyone before you buy so you can make informed decisions.


Please Contact us for all your requirements.
Our Help and Advice is Free.

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